Discover a new passion today …

Ich kann das nur in ungekürzter Fassung hier so wiedergeben, finde den dahintersteckenden Gedanken und die Form annähernd perfekt deswegen „sozusagen“voll zitiert, bzw. wiedergegeben:

Discover a new Passion TODAY!

While many of us discover our passions when we are kids, I believe we all should take the time to find a new passion every once in a while.

This way, when other things seem to be hitting the proverbial brick wall, you can find yourself doing something else as a back up. Turns out this is something very important for your mind and can help prevent a future melt down.

Just like your personal tastes, your passions change as you get older and something which didn’t like as a kid you might just love to do right now.

You owe it to yourself and your family to go out and discover a way to channel your energies. Go out and discover a new passion…TODAY!

Quelle: Jeff Pulver very cool blog btw 😉

~ von unintendedpurpose - Juni 22, 2008.

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