Caspar Bowden … U-Prove Vorstellung auf dem Identitycamp Bremen

U-Prove CasparB Identitycamp Bremen 2008

U-Prove An brief introduction

Session by Caspar Bowden – Nur ein paar Notizen

* Identity Access Group

* Laws of identity
user control
minimal disclosure
justifiable parties
directional identity
pluralism of ops and technology
human integration
consists experience across contexts


* Self issued vs. Managed Information Cards

–Self issued
containing self-asserted claims „about me“
stored locally
effective replacement for username/passwd
eliminates shared secrets
easier than passwords

Provided by banks, stores, government
Card contains meta data only
Claims stored at identity
-audited or non-auditting

* Protocol drill down (see photo)

Protocol Drill Down

*identity „history“
identity 1.0 -> centralized (MS Passport)
-central party sees all attributes/account data
-central party is all powerful

identity 2.0 (browser-only = SAML, OpenID)

identity 3.0 get ready for identity 3.0
-Multi clientside crypto security / privacy

= siehe securecomputing

* authentification vs identification


adress: XXXXXXX
status: Goldcustomer


name: mark a.
adress: read

* Metasysteme

Metasystem Architekturschema Identity Camp U-Prove Session

* privacy-friendly revocation
(„valid transactions provider“)

* censorable audit transcripts (? – not really noted)

*and some other points and issues

–Coming up in/with
integration into MS Windows (windows cardspace)
Windows communication foundation = .net
(patented – looks like braking innovation)
interoperability …. abstractional layer

announcements in coming time…

Recommended reads:
stefan brands
kim cameron

Ausserdem hat Mr.Topf auch über die Session geblogged, da kann man seine Sicht nachlesen!

~ von unintendedpurpose - Juni 8, 2008.

Eine Antwort to “Caspar Bowden … U-Prove Vorstellung auf dem Identitycamp Bremen”

  1. […] Daniele lobt den Preview-Vortrag zu Microsofts Krypto-Technologie U-Prove von Caspar Bowden in so hohen Tönen, dass ich mich jetzt doch ärgere den zweiten Tag verpasst zu haben. Ein paar Stichpunkte gibt es im U-Prove Artikel von unintendedpurpose. […]

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